Love for ‘Rolling’

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Electronic producer and vocalist Juliet Guterres has been putting out songs since 2010.

The latest offering is warm poppy mood swinger. Magnetic bass and some floaty vox is always a cool mix.

4ZZZ FM Music Department 

Really beautiful, sweet crystalline and brittle synth-pop from Sydney producer and chanteuse Juliet Guterres. Her vocals and the production on them are the best part: perfectly smooth.

Indie Shuffle

Australian newcomer Jugu, the moniker of Juliet Guterres, has just released her newtrack “Rolling”, and boy is it good.

Featuring a breathy, saccharine timbre that reaches an astonishing pitch (particularly around the two minute mark), laid over pulsing bass and twinkling synths, this is a dreamy electro pop piece that truly lives up to its title.

Head here to grab it as a free download before she hits the big-time.

Hilly Dilly

If you thought Kelsey Bulkin’s (Made In Heights) vocals were airy and ethereal as it gets, think again, because Sydney’s Jugu has something to say about that. Providing an acute example is her newest effort, “Rolling”, that pairs grungy electronic with her cloud-dwelling timbre, and the juxtaposition between her pillow-soft voice and the aforementioned edgy sound is quite the combination. We’ve no doubts that you’ll find the track to be quite the remarkable listen.

Underachievers Please Try Harder

Track of the day // Jugu – Rolling
Bass-y synth-pop liberally sprinkled with sugary vocals, by Sydney-based solo artist Juliet Gueterres. For fans of Little Dragon, Chairlift and Purity Ring.

The Four Oh Five

Jugu shares the wonderful ‘Rolling’ [Track of the Day]

Jugu is the alias of Australian newcomer Juliet Guterres, whose eclectic mix of pop and electro resembles that of Chvrches or Chairlift but with a twist.

On first listen the track’s introduction, and the beat that accompanies each verse, sounds a lot like Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’, which is perhaps not popular comparison to make, but the similarity is hard to ignore. Even still, her intoxicatingly sweet vocals, coupled with the intricate electronics, create a dream-pop vibe that is uniquely her own.

Jugu is steadily making her mark on the Australian new music scene, where the Sydney-based vocalist and producer is known for her reclusive tendencies – writing, producing and recording independently in her home studio.

Pause Musicale

Une voix délicate et profonde qui murmure et chante les aléas de la vie, sur des harmonies qui combattent les noirceurs par des a coups électro chauds.

Une douceur pop dans les tempos, Juliet Guterres aka Jugu, est une chanteuse productrice australienne qui n’a pas son pareil pour les invitations à l’évasion chimérique et légère dans des vallées de rythmes évanescents. Rolling est en téléchargement gratuit pour mieux y succombez.

Love for ‘Over The Edge’ (Empia Collab)

In The Mix

This one’s for the devotees to the so-termed ‘Australian sound’ spearheaded by the likes of Flume, L D R U and Yahtzel. Sydney solo producer Empia isn’t straying to far from the afore-mentioned trio as influences, but his productions are doing the talking for him, especially his most recent effort Over The Edge.

Going by his Soundcloud stats this song’s his fifth upload thus far after a few originals (and the obligatory Lorde bootleg) and it shows a great leap in growth too. It’s nice to have a full vocal feature on it too, this one coming from rising Sydney singer Jugu who adds some tasty tones to the bright production from Empia.

Acid Stag

Empia: Over the Edge (ft. Jugu) [New Single]

Sydney producer Empia has dropped his latest single ‘Over the Edge,’ featuring the vocal work of electro-pop producer and vocalist Juliet Guterres, aka Jugu.

Sensual, futuristic chill-trap beats form the framework of ‘Over the Edge,’ delivering an infectious electronic production, which could possibly be Empia’s best release to-date.

Futuristic Trap

Empia of Sydney, Australia premiers a brand new Chilltrap track called “Over The Edge” featuring Jugu an amazing vocalist also from Sydney, Australia which is pardon the pun, Over the edge.

Love for ‘All The Girls’

Soundly Sounds

Jugu-All the Girls

Something a little less dark, but by no means outside of the territory, this holds a little bit of pixie Amanda Palmer to it. Everything’s still doused in black, but now there’s a mystic sheen running all over it. Its incredibly attractive, but in the back of your mind, you just fucking know there’s a catch. Good luck trying to find it in the textually dense track. There’s those sprite-like vocals, dancing xylophones, and clarinet-or something weezing. Those constant, circular keys that wrap themselves around you, those are the final killers though, ensnaring you like a she-devil python. Jugu proves herself to be the anti-matter version of Sia, and I prefer it that way.

Triple J Unearthed

I really like this one from Jugu. Cool production and a really nice vocal with clever layering. Big things ahead this year? I hope so.

– Dave Ruby Howe, Triple J.

Men are P.I.G. pigs and those piercing vocals are going to stab everyone of them in the face. So sharp.

– Lewi McKirdy, Triple J.