Jugu (rhymes with “voodoo”), is the alias of electronic producer and vocalist Juliet Guterres. Born and raised in Sydney, Jugu started the solo project in 2010, writing and recording from her home studio.

Inspired by acts such as Little Dragon, Chairlift, Chvrches and many others, Jugu creates her unique sound by layering vocals over synthesisers and electronic drums, experimenting with sounds to find a happy place between the engagingly familiar and intriguingly obscure.

Her first E.P. ‘Getting Closer’ was released at the end of 2010 and received airplay from community radio stations around Australia. One song, ‘The Deep’, was included in FBi Radio’s The Bridge – Rough Edges Compilation, and the music video featured on Rage as Indie Clip of the Week.

Now in 2014, Jugu has found a slightly darker edge to her music. Released at the beginning of this year, her song ‘All The Girls’ is a musical retaliation to sexism and general sleaze-bagery, and features her playing the alto-saxophone, a skill learnt in high school jazz band. It achieved airplay on Triple J and high rotation on the Triple J Unearthed digital radio station.

Collaboration with fellow Sydney producer Empia on the track ‘Over The Edge’ exposed Jugu to recognition and praise for her vocal ability, along with further Triple J airplay.

Her latest release ‘Rolling’, a song about cycling, has been picked up by blogs worldwide for its accomplished production and unique vocal talent, with many heralding her as one to watch out for.

Featuring a breathy, saccharine timbre that reaches an astonishing pitch (particularly around the two minute mark), laid over pulsing bass and twinkling synths, this is a dreamy electro pop piece that truly lives up to its title.

– The Indie Shuffle

Providing an acute example is her newest effort, “Rolling”, that pairs grungy electronic with her cloud-dwelling timbre, and the juxtaposition between her pillow-soft voice and the aforementioned edgy sound is quite the combination. We’ve no doubts that you’ll find the track to be quite the remarkable listen.

– Hilly Dilly

Her intoxicatingly sweet vocals, coupled with the intricate electronics, create a dream-pop vibe that is uniquely her own.

-The Four Oh Five