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“…There’s those sprite-like vocals, dancing xylophones, and clarinet-or something weezing.

Those constant, circular keys that wrap themselves around you, those are the final killers though, ensnaring you like a she-devil python.

Jugu proves herself to be the anti-matter version of Sia, and I prefer it that way.”

– Soundly Sounds Blog

All The Girls Explained:

I wrote this song about a specific type of guy who I just can’t tolerate. The type of guy who, when he meets a woman, puts her into one of two categories: a) someone he’d like to have sex with, or b) someone to ignore.  He has the ego the size of an elephant with an inversely proportional IQ.  He does a lot of “mansplaining“.

I’d like to point out that this is an exaggerated fictional character, and I don’t believe all men act this way.  But, unfortunately, I have had many encounters with this kind of ridiculous behaviour. For example, there was one acquaintance who, during a group conversation, called me a “good girl” when I chimed in to provide some small parcel of trivial knowledge.  He then continued to hit on me for the rest of the night, even though it was very obvious I was not interested. I just wanted to run away.

I wrote the lyrics to this song around the time of the federal election campaign. A time when Tony Abbott, now our prime minister, described liberal candidate Fiona Scott for having “sex appeal”.  This “daggy-dad moment” as he calls it, really got on my nerves, because when he was questioned about her, it was as if there were some giant neon sign in his brain yelling “WOMAN! WOMAN! WOMAN!”  acting as a barrier to real consideration of her character.  I can’t help but conclude that if she were male, he would have had to think of something to say that was actually relevant.

What is wrong with our society that causes some sweet innocent little boys grow up to be ignorant, arrogant, sleazy old men?

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